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Itinerary Management

Itinerary Management

Others give you tours, we give you adventures!

While others may offer you tours, here at XG Miami we offer you adventures and memories that will last a life time. When was the last time you held an alligator? Or rode on an air boat through the 3rd largest national park in the United States? With XG Miami, the next time you’re asked one of those questions, you’ll have quite an interesting story to tell.

Stress Free Planning

We understand the importance of time management and how it affects your entire event. After discussing and review the needs of your event, we custom make an itinerary specially for you. We handle the paper work, planning, coordinating, phone calls and all of the less glamours details of the planning process.

At XG Miami, we’ve mastered the art of fun in the sun. In a city where activities and attractions are as diverse as it’s visitors, designing your itinerary with your ideal adventure, is our idea of fun.

You’re In Miami, Enjoy!

At XG Miami we love to spoil our clients. With our more than capable team at XG Miami working behind the scenes to ensure that all goes as planned, your guests only responsibility will be to enjoy our beautiful city and all that it has to offer! .



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