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Concierge Services

Taste The Food, Experience The Nightlife.

You truly haven’t experienced Miami until you get a taste of its nightlife. In a city known for its vibrant culture and worldly influences, there is much to be explored during your outings. We provide your with local, insider knowledge to some of the most celebrated dining options in the world, as well as the most coveted nightclub VIP guest lists.

Melt Into Our Tropical Flavors

Miami hosts some of the world’s most exotic and desirable cuisines that truly embody our multicultural and diverse flavors. Whether it’s the sizzling Latin spice, the refined European taste or the infused flavors of Oriental cuisine, we promise to delight even the most particular palettes. XG Miami will arrange dinner reservations, food tastings, customized menus as well as restaurant buy outs for a unique and intimate experience for you and your guests.

Group fine dining has never been this easy.

Where Adults Come To Play!

When it comes to nightlife, no other city does it better. From the world’s most profitable nightclubs to the unimaginable after hour scene that runs well into the afternoon, we guarantee you a night that will set the standard on how you experience nightlife from now on.

At XG Miami we sure know our way around the velvet ropes, and we’re more than happy to bring you with us. We take pride in arranging and elevating your nightlife experience to true VIP status with bottle service reservations and VIP admission to the most sought after and prestigious nightclubs in Miami, ensuring that you and your group will feel like celebrities from the minute you step on the red carpet until the moment the DJ has played his last tune.



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