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eXpect Greatness, every time.

At XG Miami we are dream makers, conceptual engineers who tailor each occassion to not only meet, but exceed all expectations in order to execute your every request with immaculate precision. From the initial spark of the idea light bulb, to the final boarding call as you board your flight back home, XG Miami is with you every step of the way. With XG Miami, always eXpect Greatness.


At XG Miami we strive to provide you flawless, professional and breathtaking work, that will leave you with peace of mind and memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s Our Passion!

We specialize in becoming your personal liaison to bridge the distance between you and all of your destination management needs, while precisely attaining each and every one of your concierge requests.
Venue site inspections, travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and everything in between, XG Miami creates, manages and oversees your itinerary and program logistics.

Through years of industry experience, we have built a close rapport with many local businesses, which enables us to deliver superior service and superb timing at a maximum efficiency. Utilizing our expansive network of industry professionals, we are able to make any request virtually possible.

By upholding tradition, yet embracing a modern and fresh perspective, XG Miami ensures the latest technology, the most stylish venues and hottest ideas to guarantee a flawless and stress free occasion, every time.



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